Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't already start by clicking HERE and download our free guide. Our process is full turn key. We will help with everything from selecting the perfect spot for your home, running all new services, designing your dream space, right down to final landscaping. Every project is unique, let us help guide you along your process with our Preliminary Building Agreement process.
A Preliminary Building Agreement, referred to as a PBA is an agreement between you and Iron Rock Homes to allow us to complete all your projects pre build requirements such as plan design, land surveys, site plans, permit approvals, engineering etc. You will be provided with a fixed fee and a schedule of inclusions, specific to your project requirements with your PBA. All costs associated with your PBA would be required to complete your home.
If you are considering engaging a builder who has provided you with a brief 2-3 page free quote you may be in for a surprise when construction begins. If your contract is full of allowances how do you know the time has been put in during the planning stage to ensure that allowance will be enough when you get to the showroom? Our proposals are minimum 25 pages and include working drawings and item product numbers so you know EXACTLY what you're agreeing to. It takes at least 50 hours to work specifically on your project to be able to present you with the detail required in a fixed price contract. Charging a nominal fee on what is most likely the largest investment you will ever make will prevent you from surprises later.
We do not have a general square foot charge. It is impossible to charge based off a square foot rate on a custom home. There are so many variables that will determine what your home will cost, for example you could invest $50,000 in cabinetry or you could invest $150,000 in cabinetry in the exact same house! We price our homes based off exactly what you select during our design process to ensure there are no surprises.
Our average builds take between 8 to 14 months. We will guarantee your possession date when we present our fixed price contract. We do this by entering every aspect of your project into our project management software and we build out a calendar specific to your project.
Absolutely! In Fact we prefer to be a part of design to ensure your vision can come to life at a price you can afford. During our design stage we will be working with you on specific details such as mill work designs, interior finishes, exterior finishes etc. When you have completed a design with us not only do you have a completed set of working construction documents, you will know EVERY detail of what is included in your custom home BEFORE you sign your contract.
Our secure Client portal allows you to access to the whole process, 24 / 7 from anywhere, on any platform. We won't leave you hanging, we guarantee a response back within 24 hours. You will have monthly project update meetings on site or in our office with Iron Rock Homes owner, Kent Boehlke to review progress and answer any questions you may have.
The only time the price will change is if you change or add something to the project. Should prices go up in the market, price increases will be the responsibility of Iron Rock Homes.
Should you wish to change something during the process we are more than happy to accommodate your request! You will be able to submit a change order request on your online portal, once we receive it we will present you with a fixed price to complete the change for your approval. Upon your approval to move forward with the change your project summary will be updated instantly so you know exactly how much your total costs are at on the project.
Yes you will be able to visit your site. You will have access to visit your site with your project manager during your monthly progress meeting, however should you wish to visit your site in addition to your monthly progress meeting we are happy to accomodate you. Due to safety and insurance requirements a representative from Iron Rock Homes will be required to meet with you.
If you wish to complete any work on your project we will discuss the scope you wish to complete and if possible we will remove that scope for you to complete after possession. Because of our strict safety policy and policies set out by our warranty provider we do not accommodate clients to work in the home during construction. Additionally we have developed strong relationships with our trade partners and they are vital to our process and the success of our projects.
Our Preliminary Building Agreement process has been designed to protect you before you commit to a full building contract. If for any reason you are not ready to proceed with your project after we present our fixed price proposal to you we will provide you with all drawings and approvals we have acquired throughout the process, yours to do with as you wish.

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