Referral Program


These Terms and Conditions relate to the Iron Rock Homes Referral program and participation in the program constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 

Iron Rock Homes agrees to pay the sum as per the rates below ($500/$1000/$2000, incl. GST) to the nominated person on the Referral Application (“The Referrer”) who refers a friend or family member of the (“The Referee”).

This payment is conditional upon “The Referee” entering into a Building Contract with Iron Rock Homes and will be paid by cheque within 30 days of the start of construction of “The Referee’s” home. 

Iron Rock Homes further agrees to provide “The Referee” with a credit in the amount of ($500/$1000/$2000, incl. GST)  to be applied towards the purchase of their home or renovation.  A limit of one credit to “the referee” and is payable per contract.

To register for this offer the Referral Application must be submitted prior to “The Referee” entering into a Preliminary Building  Agreement with Iron Rock Homes. 

Registration must be made online at

These vouchers are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue. Iron Rock Homes reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time without notice at its sole discretion.

New custom home

  • $ 2000 paid to Referrer plus $2000 credit to Referee's custom home price.

Renovations & Additions

  • Contract value [$100K & Lower] $ 500 paid to Referrer plus $500 credit to Referee.
  • Contract value [$100K - $250K] $ 1000 paid to Referrer plus $1000 credit to Referee.
  • Contract value [$250K & Higher] $ 2000 paid to Referrer plus $2000 credit to Referee.